Mastery Not Minimums

Thousands of pilots at conventions like AirVenture and SUN ‘n FUN attend classes from the Guy in the Pink Shirt to learn more about technology in IFR than anyone else.

Now known as simply at Gary “GPS” (or “the Guy in the Pink Shirt”), he continues to help pilots all over the world that want to know how to truly master their avionics for Single Pilot IFR.

Training From Gary “GPS” Reeves Includes:

Avidyne Training

Mastery Video and In-flight Training from the only Avidyne National Training Provider with real-world experience.

ForeFlight Training

The best way to use the features of the most powerful iPad EFB for Single-Pilot IFR . Real-World pro tips, not theory.

Garmin Training

The best Mastery training for Garmin GPS systems including:




Mastering Single Pilot IFR

The only reason most good pilots, like you, aren’t great at IFR is because you don’t get paid to fly IFR everyday. If you want to take your IFR skills to a mastery level.  These videos, based on twenty years and 8,300 hours of experience, will make your IFR flying easier and safer.

3 Day Mastering IFR Flight Training

For airplane owners that want to truly master their Avidyne or Garmin Avionics, autopilot and Single Pilot IFR.  Gary can train you in your airplane, from a C172 up to light jets,  anwhere worldwide! LARGE FLEETS, PART 135, FIRE/EMS OPERATION TRAINING AVAIL.

About Us

Gary “GPS” Reeves:

  • 2019 FAA Nat’l CFI of the year
  • >8,300+hrs Real-World IFR
  • Two decades of experience
  • Lead rep for the FAA Safety Team
  • Avidyne/Genesys Nat’l Partner

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