Vashon Aircraft

The Airplane You've Been Waiting For


We are pilots, engineers, and #avgeeks of the highest order. We think that the $100 hamburger is too expensive, and we’re going to do something about it.

Vashon Aircraft is the newest aircraft manufacturer in the aviation center of Seattle, Washington, designing and manufacturing the US-made Ranger R7 aircraft.

Recognizing that flying is increasingly becoming out of reach for the next generation of pilots, John Torode founded Vashon Aircraft in 2012 to disrupt the aviation status quo. The Ranger R7 is Affordable, American, Rugged, Refined and Equipped. There’s no need to choose.

Still skeptical? John Torode – Vashon’s founder and CEO, is the same serial-entrepreneur behind Dynon Avionics. With a senior leadership team that includes experienced aviation entrepreneurs and innovators, Vashon is ready to disrupt aviation and make modern, safe, and affordable flight available to anyone who wants to go fly.

An American Airplane, From An American Company.

The Ranger R7 is designed and manufactured at the Vashon Aircraft factory headquarters near Seattle, Washington, and is assembled at its Paine Field assembly and delivery center (just down the taxi-way from the Boeing wide body plant.) The avionics are made by Dynon Avionics in Woodinville, Washington, and the engine by Continental, Mobile, Alabama.

Prepare Yourself For An Adventure

Affordable, American, Rugged, Refined and Equipped. Choose all of the above: The compromises end now. Start your adventure with the Ranger R7.

The Vashon Ranger R7 is the first aircraft designed to fill the gap between aging, under-equipped certificated aircraft and newer but expensive Light Sport Aircraft. The Ranger is a 2-place aircraft that features rugged, full metal construction to take real world usage like flight training. It has one of the most spacious cockpits in its class, and is Always Fully Equipped. Even the base model includes a complete Dynon-equipped panel, two-axis autopilot, 2020-compliant ADS-B In & Out, and more.


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