John Boos

DPE, Master Flight Instructor

I have always been fascinated by aviation, ever since a first plane ride when I was in grade school. I was inspired by space shots, electronics, radio, and all things science related. I especially enjoyed finding out how things worked and problem solving. I pursued an engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin and had a full career in high tech, where I also pursued an MBA from the University of Chicago. With a family and a demanding job, aviation seemed an unreachable goal.

When the time was right, my wife encouraged me to take up flight lessons in 2013. Then I was hooked. While pursuing my Private, I found that I enjoyed flying so much that my instructor suggested that I assist him in teaching ground school. He encouraged and mentored me through getting my Flight Instructor certificate in 2016. As I started flight instruction, I enjoyed how this continued to encourage me to learn and apply a problem-solving and troubleshooting mindset.

I moved into a full time flight instruction role and then to Chief Instructor at a part 61 school in Waukegan IL. That gave me an opportunity to work with students through the entire process from flight school selection, through all the certificates, to Flight Instructor, then to mentor them as new instructors. I finished my multi-engine rating, MEI, CFII, and Gold Seal Instructor. I became a FAAST team representative and a big promoter of the WINGS program in my school and in the local aviation community I looked for other areas where I could become involved and became a two-time NAFI Master Flight Instructor.

I recently retired from full time instruction and have moved into a DPE role. My wife and I continue to fly our plane to interesting places to visit friends and family. I find that there is something new to learn on every flight.