Karen A. Kalishek

Chair, National Association of Flight Instructors

Karen Kalishek is a Designated Pilot Examiner, NAFI Master Instructor, CFI, CFII, MEI, CFI-G, AGI, IGI, FAA Gold Seal Instructor and FAASTeam Lead Representative. She holds an ATP certificate and has ASES and Glider Commercial privileges. In 2019, Karen was honored to receive the National FAASTeam Representative of the Year award. She chairs NAFI’s Board of Directors, has held officer positions in and is actively involved with several aviation organizations. She is also a Major in the Civil Air Patrol, serving as a CAP flight instructor, check pilot, examiner, mission pilot,  cadet orientation pilot and Safety Officer.

Kalishek is an independent flight instructor, has a particular fondness for antique aircraft and enjoys spending quality time with her RV-6. Before becoming a full-time flight instructor, she was an executive in the banking industry, taught graduate school, and as president of her own corporation, spent over 20 years providing international consulting services in 37 countries. She is a member of the General Aviation Joint Safety Committee, FAA Surface Safety Group, Runway Safety Council, WINGS Industry Network Committee,  and represents NAFI on several collaborative industry groups.