Nathan Ballard

Fight Instructor, Content Creator, Learner

Nathan Ballard is a well-respected independent CFI-I, IGI, and most recently, an aviation safety content creator. Nathan believes that while many practices in aviation are sound, we should also be thoughtful and scrutinize practices that have been handed down without challenge over the years. The foundation of his flight instruction and content is deeply established in his philosophy of “Attacking Aviation from a Critical Angle.”

As the third generation of pilots in Nathan’s family, aviation has always been an integral part of his life. During World War II, his grandfather was a T-6 instructor in the Army Air Corps. His father is a retired Delta Airlines captain and U.S. Air Force veteran. His mother holds a private certificate with a multi engine and instrument rating. His son recently obtained his private pilot certificate with Nathan as his CFI, establishing the fourth generation of Ballard aviators.

Nathan, who has just over 1000 hours of dual instruction, is aware of how much learning occurs in the first few hundred hours of sitting right seat. With this in mind, he is committed to assisting newer flight instructors in achieving success by sharing lessons and experiences that aren’t part of a typical CFI curriculum. These lessons enhance the safety of the CFI, the learner, and everyone who shares the skies.

Nathan is a volunteer member of the FAA Safety Team and the Safety Officer of his flying club. He is an aviation subject matter expert for local Atlanta media outlets, appearing on broadcasts to provide aviation safety analysis. He is an aviation subject matter expert for Atlanta-based media channels, appearing on broadcasts to discuss aviation incidents and safety. Nathan gives back by instructing recipients of EAA scholarship awards, and as a graduate of the University of Georgia, he volunteers with the UGA aviation society. 

When he is not teaching, Nathan loves being an aviation learner himself.  In his family’s RV-8, 2023 has been devoted to learning and refining his tailwheel flying skills. He also loves traveling in small airplanes with his wife, exploring the US, Canada, and Bahamas.