Dr. Peter Dittmer

Ed.D / Master CFI

Dr. Peter Dittmer has been a CFI for the past 34 years and holds five consecutive Master CFI Accreditation(s) and a Legacy Accreditation with NAFI. Currently he is an active CFI in the Central Texas Area. Dr. Dittmer has an ATP Multi Engine, as well as CFI, CFII, and MEI “Gold Seal”. In addition to these ratings he holds a BBA from Texas A&M, Masters in Aviation Safety, and Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. His research interests include Aviation Safety, Student Assessment, Curriculum Design, Student Persistence, and Pedagogical Practices in University Aviation Programs. In 1999, he was awarded FAA Flight Instructor of the Year for the Southwest Region, and also served as a NASA Faculty Fellow in years 2003-2005 at Dryden Flight Research Center (now Neil Armstrong Flight Research Center). Furthermore, he has been active in Civil Air Patrol where he served as a Standards and Evaluation Officer, as well as a Check Pilot and Mission Check Pilot.

Dr. Dittmer’s professional background includes working for various university aviation programs in administrative positions and teaching CFR 141 ground and flight classes, finally retiring from Central Washington University as Department Chair in 2021. With 8500 hours of dual given, he enjoys teaching aerospace engineering, mentoring students to build an RV -12, flight instructing, and coaching “Texas” high school football in Georgetown, Texas.