How to Stay Healthy in a Busy Environment

How does mental health affect the work of a professional Certified Flight Instructor? How can a CFI assist his/her students in maintaining a healthy study/work/life balance because flight training requires a significant amount of monetary investment and personal time. Because of this investment, a pilot is always afraid of losing his/her medical certification. This leads many pilots not to be honest about his/her own health and well-being. Although FAA Medical is making some significant advancement, CFIs can assist pilots in this burden by understanding some of the root causes of physical and mental impairment.  

A stigma exists that pilots have with any physical or mental impairment. This physical or mental manifestation of symptoms can be rooted in stress, sleep deprivation, anxiety and depression. The medical result can be devastating to a pilot’s career. This presentation will give CFIs the medical and legal tools to protect their own health and safety and create a much safer culture. Lastly, an in depth examination on a study of collegiate pilots between the ages of 19-26 has uncovered data that will be discussed along with a three part plan to educate current and future pilots in developing, monitoring and sustaining a healthy well-being.