Topics of Presentations

3 Key Themes

At NAFI Summit 2024, we will be focusing on topics relevant to our CFI community. Our program will provide you with valuable information you can put to use in your aviation career immediately.

Our program will feature presentations that connect safety and professionalism with three themes:

Train the Trainer

Sure, we train pilots. But we also train each other! This theme looks at this important responsibility since the result of training just one instructor is multiplied many times over. Are you teaching something now that you wished you had been taught? Has technology made an impact on how to train a trainer. Then these sessions are for you.

Taking a close look at accident data from instructional flights

Mentorship and Peer Support

Many of us can look back over our career and identify that one person who stood out as a mentor. This program features topics such as developing a mentorship program in your flight school, using technology to enhance a mentorship experience, and creating a peer support network.

Pilot Health and


There is more to flying than just developing your flying skills. You need to master the skills to maintain your health and well-being. This theme captures important information from industry workgroups about how we can educate ourselves and others to include well-being in training.